From the vineyards…

“It is important to me that our wines reflect the character of where they are grown. And it goes without saying that I am only satisfied with the very best quality,” says Florian Alphart. This all starts in the vineyards: meticulous, individual care and processing of every single vine, deliberate yield reduction by means of bunch division and manual harvesting at the absolute correct time – this is standard procedure for the Alpharts, together with forward thinking and long-term planning

From our cellar…

Weingut Alphart is synonymous with top quality and characterful wines that are typical for our region. Our fastidious approach to the selection of grapes and our careful processing of our crop are routine procedures for us, as is the deliberate use of different sites for planting. Depending on grape variety and site variants, we allow our wines to mature for differing periods either in oak barrels or steel tanks before bottling. 

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