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Elegant with fine fruit

The budding began much earlier than that of the average for many years thanks to unusually warm March temperatures. Then we experienced a cold snap in April that slowed down vine development somewhat. May brought with it persistent precipitation - in fact, we had few rain-free days until early summer arrived at the beginning of June. Some of our Chardonnay plantings simply could not wait and started to blossom in the wet and cold period in late May, resulting in coulure (low number of grapes -> small yield). Otherwise, our vines blossomed as normal in the summery conditions in early June. Under cloudless skies and with high temperatures our vines developed well until the beginning of July when the greatly anticipated rain provided the necessary relief. Thanks to well-distributed downpours, conditions were ideal, allowing us to start harvesting on September 2nd. We experienced a dry period during the whole harvest, enabling us to collect fully mature and healthy grapes. We are now looking forward to how this excellent vintage will develop.


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No two years are the same – this applies to wines as much as to humans. Below we provide brief information on our various vintages.:

By the way: You will find all our currently available wines in our shop. Please note that we also have several reserve vintages in our cellar. If there is anything special you’d like, don’t hesitate to contact us! – schreiben Sie uns!

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