Sun-ripened to the optimal grape

2022 is characterized by many hours of sunshine, in spring and early summer the precipitation is optimally distributed for the vines. From the end of June, mostly dry weather prevailed, which guaranteed healthy grapes. Towards the end of August, a few showers strayed into the thermal region, putting an end to the drought. We are looking forward to perfect grape ripeness and accessible wines from the 2022 vintage. Uncompromising grape selection ensures the highest quality.

No two years are the same – this applies to wines as much as to humans. Below we provide brief information on our various vintages.:

By the way: You will find all our currently available wines in our shop. Please note that we also have several reserve vintages in our cellar. If there is anything special you’d like, don’t hesitate to contact us! – schreiben Sie uns!

For that special event!

Birthday, anniversary? Specials events need to be complemented by special wines. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your needs.

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