Our family.

Florian and Claudia
It is Florian who is the vintner. He is prudent, exacting, ambitious and the 9th generation of his family to be responsible for wine production. He is at home among his vines and wine is an integral part of his outlook on life. Florian is always in search of perfection. Claudia organises the business side of things. She is reliable, with a love of detail and a warm heart and is responsible for looking after our customers. In other words, she keeps everything running in the background and acts as Florian’s first point of contact. Their two children, Marlena and Jakob, love the benefits of growing up on a wine estate and in the natural surroundings.

Karl and Lisi
Karl and Lisi have extended the estate, made sure that stringent standards are followed and have transformed the estate tavern, the ‘Heuriger’, into a venue where pleasure and social interaction are writ large. They are both indispensable as overseers in the vineyards and can always be found in the forefront at harvest time.

Grandma Elsa
Elsa may now observe the business activities at the estate from a distance but is always interested in the changes that time brings with it and monitors the vine growth, the work in the vineyards and the grapes passing on the sorting conveyor every year.

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